Hand Addressed Envelopes:  

It doesn't get any more personal than a manually written note and envelope.

Some clients call us and tell us to stop mailing for a while. They can't handle the number of responses they are getting!

Hand address an envelope, put a stamp on it and it will be opened. A better open rate means a better response rate. Independent studies have found that hand addressed envelopes are opened over 99% of the time.


Hand Addressing gets the attention of your customer, prospect, students, donors, etc. Real hand writing identifies a piece as a truly personal communication.

We'll make it easy for you. Let our expert team of detail oriented employees with excellent writing address your envelopes. We've been providing hand addressing services for years and we have an excellent reputation.

We can also provide the envelopes, print any inserts, match, stuff, seal, stamp and drop in the mail on your schedule. Or, if you prefer, ship to you for assembly and mailing.

Try a black envelope with white addressing. Our clients who do keep coming back.