Hand addressed direct mail services that get your letter opened. Increase your open rate, Increase your response rate
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Our service is simple.  We use authentic-looking hand addressed envelopes, personalized notes, and live postage stamps. Our goal is to get your mail piece opened 100% of the time!
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Hand Addressed Direct Mail Services
It's time to get back to the basics. If you have a business, small or large that relies on direct mail marketing you need to test the response rates that you will receive using handwritten addressed envelopes for your next direct mail campaign.

A fully personalized campaign is surprisingly affordable, and well worth the additional effort.  Imagine the dramatic impact on your response rates if almost every household that receives your mail piece actually opens it!

Surveys show that when sorting through their daily mail, most people use the following characteristics to determine whether or not a mail piece is "Junk Mail".

  Envelope can be printed, or in cursive -- whichever you prefer.
An effective sales letter will have a simple format.  The font should be clean and easy to read.  Here we used a standard font  which made this letter clean and easy to read. - btw..We do offer full service, full color ad design, copywriting, customized paper, and printing too!
A stamp that is slightly askew will actually increase your open ratio!
Handwritten addresses in BLUE ink increase open ratios!
Using sticky notes not only draws attention to your mail piece, but also gives it an additional touch of personalization.
Another good idea is to include a handwritten "p.s" at the end of your letter.
Starting and ending the letter with a handwritten note will get and keep your customer's attention to be sure that they read the entire letter.
As you can see, we're not only interested in providing you with a great handwritten direct mail service, but we're also very interested in making sure that your mail campaign is a complete success!  We do concern ourselves with your response rates or ROI.  Successful customers are the backbone of our business and it's continued growth.

Please contact us directly for more information.  We will work with you to set up your next mail campaign.  We believe in personalized service all the way around, and we would love the chance to prove it to you!

First you need to
"Get it opened..."

How to increase your open rate to nearly 100% and increase your response rates by 200%, 300%, or more!
We can provide the following services on an individual or all inclusive basis

Ad design
Full service mail house
Targeted mailing list
Hand addressed envelopes
Handwritten signatures
Handwritten "p.s." notes
Handwritten sticky notes
Handwritten letters
Yellow Letter Mail
Hand highlighting
Hand affixed 1st class postage
Specialized mailers
Custom handwritten scripts
Custom handwritten fonts
Fundraiser mailings
If you don't see it listed....Just ask!

  Once they open the envelope - You've got about 2 seconds to get their attention! 

Did you know that if you mail 1,000 pieces of mail using traditional techniques, 600 or more of your mail pieces may never even get opened?
Use our proprietary technology to hand-address your envelopes!

Sound interesting? Contact us to find out more!

Email:  Cindy@earlyexpress.com
Cindy Woodward

Have you heard the buzz about Handwritten Yellow Letter Mail  Response Rates?
Real Estate, Insurance, Financial, Home Improvement and more...
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Re: Hand Addressed Direct Mail Services

Dear Valued Customer,

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to our hand addressed direct mail service.  The goal of our service is not only to get your letter opened by 100% of its recipients, but also to provide an affordable, reliable, full service print and mail house.   Research shows that only 20% of most direct mail pieces ever get opened.  We have done our due diligence and put together a personalized direct mail strategy that will not only increase your open ratio, but will also increase your response rates dramatically.

Here are a few of the most important features to our all inclusive mail service that will make your next direct mail campaign a successful one.

1.    Mailing List - Highest Quality Targeted Mailing List
2.    Mail piece - Custom designs and personalized strategy to suit your product or service
3.    Outside envelope - Must be hand addressed.  Custom sizes and colors can be used
4.    Type of postage - 1st Class stamp is a must.

We can put together a personalized program that will suit your product or service.  A combination of the above important features will typically result in a successful direct mail campaign.

We also offer handwritten letter services for REAL ESTATE INVESTORS, INSURANCE AGENTS, FINANCIAL ADVISORS, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS AND MORE.  Our Handwritten letters look completely written by hand - we use our proprietary technology to make the use of handwritten letters an affordable option

Thank you for the time that you've taken to review our programs!  I look forward to hearing from you!  You can call us direct at 937-223-5801


Cindy Woodward


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