Handwritten Notes

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Handwritten notes are an
excellent way to build your business!

Manually handwritten notes and envelopes are opened by nearly 100% of the people that receive them. 

Our handwritten note service provides you with an opportunity to engage with your prospects or customers in a whole new, highly impactful way.

We offer three great options for handwritten notes: 

  1. The whole note is manually handwritten.
  2. We use one of our fonts to create a very  authentic looking handwritten note.  Works best for notes with "Dear Cindy,"
  3. We scan a manually handwritten  note and print it. This is the least  expensive option for a non-personalized  note and looks totally authentic. 

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We have old-school pen to paper solutions that has our staff using ballpoint pens to handwrite notes and envelopes. That frees up your time and gives you that personal touch.

Whether is a 3-line residential or a 4-line commercial address our team of highly detailed employees have excellent handwriting and will do a professional job for you.

Another option for addressing is to utilize one of our Truly Authentic Looking Fonts.

Each font has two versions so the "P" in the first line of the address doesn't exactly match the "P" in the second line. When each letter changes a smidge, the address looks more authentic.

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Handwritten Fonts